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Thank you to Felicity Buchan MP for Kensignton for your kind, inclusive and supportive response

July 2020

Dear Mr Hyman,

Thank you for your recent email, and I completely understand your concerns.

While last week's announcement did make incredible progress in reopening a great deal of our economy and businesses, I am aware that the continued closure of these businesses is a challenge for many in my constituency. Indeed, I have been in touch with some of the local businesses who have put together comprehensive risk assessments believing they would be able to open this week, and introduced measures which all do appear incredibly sensible. However, I know that the Government have also considered the risks posed by the wider reopening, and are working to mitigate against any possible second peak as a result of high-risk facilities and businesses.

However, I will be contacting BEIS to highlight the points that you raise, and request they look at a more nuanced approach for smaller, local facilities, and will revert with any response I receive. My instinct is that over the coming weeks, we will see a number of announcements which will slowly allow these businesses to reopen, but I do understand the pressure you are under and will make this clear to Government. I know the plight of beauty salons and massage therapy is something that I and many of my colleagues are focussed on, so if there is any movement I will be sure to let you know. I know that if treatment is provided in a clinical setting, these have been allowed to reopen, so I would discuss with your trade body as to whether this would apply to you.

In the meantime, do keep up to date with the briefings and the information on the website, which is continually updated. If you have any questions please do get in touch.

Best wishes,


Felicity Buchan MP

Member of Parliament for Kensington

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